Video Tracking

Video Tracking
Video Tracking


E-dentic Group Gruppe

Digilo’s mother company, the E-Dentic’s group, offers since 2011 one of the most advanced Video Tracking solutions on the market. 

Based on Milestone, the industry-leading Video Management Software, the e-Visiom solution is used by more than 150 warehouses in Europe and is fully compatible with our Beacon solutions.

Open platform

e-Visiom allows you to use the footages with any other system of your choice (e.g. CCTV)

High resolution

e-Visiom works with Axis cameras with resolutions from 5MP and up to 20MP.

5 year warranty

The Axis cameras and Dell servers used for e-Visiom come with a standard 5-year-warranty.

Data privacy

e-Visiom is GDPR compliant. Faces/bodies can be automatically blurred (see more below).

Axis Live Privacy Shield

The e-Visiom Video Tracking solution can be installed with the latest Axis cameras offering an automatic pixelisation of faces/bodies. These cameras offer a resolution up to 8MP.