Our real-time Loading module

The only solution to guarantee 100% correct truck loading

With Digiload, loading mistakes are a problem from the past.

Our module for Picking

The best solution for picking 

With Digipick, picking becomes a child´s play and your productivity gets a boost.

Our automated photo module

Get the photo evidence that your warehousing tasks were done properly.

Fully compatible with our modules Digiload and Digipick.  

  • Compatible with all WMS/TMS/ERP

Improved Ergonomics

Our solutions are ¨Human Centric¨ and designed with ergonomics in mind. They make the work of your employees easier.

Fast Adoption Rate

Our solutions do not fundamentally change your current processes. Our experience therefore shows that workers adopt our solutions quickly.

Productivity Gains

Our solutions virtually remove the risk of human mistakes. They therefore have a direct positive impact on your productivity.

Clear Business Case

Our solutions are affordable. The ROI is usually between 3 to 12 months only. They do not require an initial heavy CAPEX investment.

Simple IT Integration

Our solutions are compabile with all WMS/TMS including those running under AS400 and require a minimal involvement from your IT teams.

No interruption

Our solutions are quick to implement. The installation happens in parallel of your warehouse operations.