Mobile Workstation

Mobile Workstation
Mobile Workstation
Mobile Workstation - Mobiler Arbeitsplatz - Produktivität - Productivity

Our mobile workstations offer a mobile solution, eliminating the need for a power source and reducing the walking time. 

Do you want for example to improve your goods receipts or your inventory process?
Our mobile workstations are made for you!
We deliver it to you fully integrated with the hardware you need.


Our workstations are an easy way to save time on processes involving a lot of walking.


Thanks to our innovative lithium battery system, our mobile workstations are always available.

Top quality

Our top quality mobile workstations are made in Europe and built to last thanks to a welded steel structure.

Fully customizable

We offer many options to make the workstation you need.

Quick delivery times

We can usually deliver our working stations in 30 days.