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Digipick® is now compatible with the WD200 from Unitech!

3.1 inch display, only 110 grams and autonomy for more than one shift.

Ergonomy & productivity at their best!

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The best ¨hands-free¨ picking solution on the market.

With Digipick, your pickers´ performance increases, thanks to the absence of scanning and a more natural way of working.

100% Hands-Free

Better ergonomy: pickers work constantly with 2 hands without external inconvenience. Your workers and your productivity will thank you for that!


Remove the step of scanning the picking location barcode. The device will simply recognize the Beacon signal if your worker stands where they should.

Plug & Play

We install the Beacons and you are ready to start. We ¨read¨ the information directly from your WMS screens and ¨simulate¨ barcode scanning.

Simple Process

Picking with Beacons is very intuitive. 20 minutes are enough for your pickers to be operational with Digipick. They will be the first supporters of the solution!

Digipick is compatible with the following optional module