warehouse gates already digitized with Digiload®.

The only real-time loading solution on the market.

With Digiload, a pallet is considered to be loaded in your WMS/TMS only if it has actually been loaded in the right truck, and this without the need for any extra tag on the pallet!

Your forklift drivers can no longer make ¨human mistakes¨ and are even able to work faster.

100% Correct Loading

No more human mistakes. You are sure that every pallet is loaded into the right truck.

Faster Loading of Trucks

6 seconds saved on average per pallet thanks to our scanless validation.

Cost Efficient Hardware

No extra tag necessary on the pallets. You only need to install 2 iBeacons per dock.

No Change of your Processes

Your loading process remains virtually the same. Same yet better.

  • 1) Scan pallet manually as usual

  • 2) Drive towards the (virtual) gate

  • 3) Device receives iBeacon signal when driving through the expected dock

  • 4) Loading is confirmed on device and logged automatically in your WMS

Digiload at ID Logistics

Digiload is compatible with the following optional module