Beacon technology

Beacon Technology - Technologie - Innovation
Beacon Technology - Technologie - Innovation

What are Beacons?

Beacons are Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices that constantly send a unique identification signal. We use them like “digital barcodes” to identify a location in your warehouse (e.g. Beacons at each picking location or installed permanently at the loading gates).
Beacon Technology - Technologie - Innovation - Barcode


Initially developed by Nokia and Apple, Beacons are a proven technology widely used in other industries.


Beacons are reasonably priced. This means you can equip your entire warehouse without exploding your budget.

Warehouse ready

Because Beacons rely on Bluetooth, they are safe to use in warehouses. They do not interfere with your Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Low Maintenance

Install them and forget them! Beacons do not require any maintenance. You only need to change their AA batteries every 5 years.

Our innovative Beacon solutions

Our real-time Loading module

The only solution to guarantee 100% correct truck loading

With Digiload, loading mistakes are a problem from the past.

Our module for Picking

With Digipick, picking becomes a child´s play and your productivity gets a boost.