About Digilo

Two co-Founders & an International Team with the same Passion

Nicolas Lassal
Nicolas Lassal
Co-Founder & CEO
Gilles Tassery
Karl-Tino Koumasse
Head of Projects
Stéphane Jupin
Stephane Jupin
Helene Page
Helene Page
Data & Design Director
Thomas Balandier
Technical Project Manager

Our Story

In 2017, Nicolas, was the Innovation Manager from Rhenus Logistics.  He was at the time looking for a way to improve and better secure the loading of trucks in his warehouses. This is when he met Gilles, the Founder and CEO of E-Dentic SAS.
Gilles told Nicolas about the iBeacon technology and why he believed it could become a game changer for the logistics industry… A few months later, our Digiload and Digitrack solutions were born!
A Proof-of-Concept was implemented in Germany, and in 2019, the project won the Innovation Award at the Transport and Logistic Innovation Week. Since then, many industry leaders (DHL, GXO, FM Logistic, ID Logistics, Lila Logistik, etc.) decided to implement these solutions as well. 
Gilles and Nicolas therefore decided to start Digilo GmbH at the end of 2020 to make their solutions available to all European warehouses.
E-Dentic Group

Our Mission

Happy employee
At Digilo, we want to help you digitize your logistics with unique smart solutions that fluidify the processes in your warehouses.
Contrary to many technologies that try to replace humans at work, our solutions are ¨human centric¨. Concretely, it means that our solutions do not try to ¨get rid¨ of people. They actually help your employees to work and perform better. 

Our Vision

We believe innovation should not be available for a few warehouses only. This is why we designed our solutions to be affordable. Their ROI is clear and we offer different options (e.g. leasing) to make them available to you.
We are also convinced that technology should be simple and not disrupt your processes. This is why we made our solutions easy to understand, to implement and to use. 

For all European Warehouses - From Munich, Germany

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